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Growing your development team with Upstack has a whole array of advantages that will help set you apart from the rest.

What is Upstack all about?

Growing your development development team with Upstack has a whole array of advantages that will help set you apart from the rest.

Senior Level

Our engineers are all senior level and ready to hit the ground running

Easy Onboarding

Add a new team member easily and quickly to build your dream product

On Demand

Scale your team up and down as needed to handle your demand

Seamless Integration

We integrate into your existing team and work as part of your team

Top Communication

Strong spoken and written English skills ensure a smooth process

Expert Management

We assign a dedicated project coordinator to ensure things run smoothly

Better Quality

Our top quality engineers ensure top quality of your codebase and product

Guaranteed Work

We provide a 2 week risk free trial at the start of all projects to ensure the right fit

Access the big pond

Don't restrict yourself to local talent, find the right tech talent to grow your company regardless of where they are located. Secure the smartest and most dedicated developers accross the globe and ensure the edge over your competitors.

Time is money

Getting your product to market quickly is critical to the success of a fast growing company. Building the right team to develop your application can be the difference between a successfull startup and the opposite.

Get the job done

Enjoy the benefits of a distributed team with a focus on getting stuff done and actual deliverables and timelines of a project. Reduce management overhead and focus on what is important to your company and getting your product to market.

Explore diverse cultures

Diversity is becoming increasingly important in company culture not only to ensure inclusiveness, but to ensure that your product is informed by various cultural view points. Many leading companies have already released this and leverage global talent in their process.

Your happy team

Working remotely and part of a distributed team is fast becoming the normal way of working and is a really key factor in happiness in your team. Providing a flexible work environment enables you to attract the top talent to your team.

What makes us the best

You've got options for building and scaling your team ranging from overseas dev shops to hiring in-house. While each has their pros and cons, Upstack in neither. We're experts in remote development created to provide the level of quality and communication you'd expect in house at the competitive rated you'd expect from working with a remote team.

Hire Time Recruitment Fees Guaranteed Quality Failure Rate Pre-screening Retention Scalability
Upstack1-3 days$0Very LowVery HighUnlimited
In-house2-4 months$10k - $40kLowAverageLimited
Development Team1-3 months$0Very HighVery LowVery Limited

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