We’ve reimagined how to scale development teams with a service you can trust, everytime.

Senior Level

Our engineers are all senior level and ready to hit the ground running

Intelligent platform

Add a new team member easily and quickly to build your dream product

Better Quality

Our top quality engineers ensure top quality of your codebase and product

Guaranteed Work

We provide a 2 week risk free trial at the start of all projects to ensure the right fit

Expert Management

We assign a dedicated project coordinator to ensure things run smoothly

Automated payroll

Scale your team up and down as needed to handle your demand

Remote development done right.

Working with a distributed team has many advantages that you may never expect - when it’s paired with the proper infrastructure and superior talent that we offer.

  • Deep talent pool
  • Diverse cultures
  • Happier teams

Why Upstack

You’ve got options for building and growing the team ranging from overseas development agencies to in-house hires. Upstack was created to give you the level of quality and communication you’d expect in-house - at the competitive rates you’d expect from working with a distributed team.

Hire Time Recruitment Fees Guaranteed Quality Failure Rate Pre-screening Retention Scalability
Upstack1-3 days$0Very LowVery HighUnlimited
In-house2-4 months$10k - $40kLowAverageLimited
Development Team1-3 months$0Very HighVery LowVery Limited

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