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Meet our talent

Upstack engineers come from different places, bring unique perspectives, and think differently - however they all share common traits that ensure success.


Fluent in english and accustomed to working in teams where communication is key.


Senior level with a track record of working in fast-growing companies.


Connected through multiple channels and quick to respond to whatever you may need, even after hours.


Driven to be part of something big and playing a key role in helping it get there.


Knows how to work independently and get things done wherever they are.
AndreyNodeJs DeveloperUkraine
We did a great job over my 2 months in New York working as a team of 7
DanutiOS DeveloperRomania
I love working at Upstack for the trust and flexibility it offers
RobertPHP DeveloperRomania
I am passionate about my craft and love building well structured code

How we find the top 1%

Access to a global talent pool gives us the ability to find the absolute best talent - not just good talent. Every engineer in our network is rigirously evaluated and tested ensuring only the truly extraordinary make it into our network.

  • We only work with the Top 1% of talent.
  • 1All applicants
  • 2Resume screening
  • 3People Interview
  • 4Coding Challenge
  • 5Final Interview
  • 6Your New Teammate

We've worked at top companies

Our talented engineers have worked with some of the fast-growing companies in the world, bringing with them some invaluable experience.

and many more

We can code just about anything

We understand the importance of extending your team with the exact talent you need, right when you need it. Our network covers just about every language,framework, etc you need.

The top remote talent in the world.

We're a US based company with a global reach, created to change the way remote development is done.

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